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This is Utsumi Central Headquarter. Located in Osaka Japan. Here we have our Sales, Service, Accounting and Research, Develop. At the completion of our office we planted maple trees to commemorate the event. Just as these trees grow bigger and shear their beautiful colors with us, so too do we hope to grow and spread our color throughout the world.

3-11-17, Shojaku Settsu City, Osaka 566-0023, Japan




We are in control of the East Japan area. Nominations from well-known salons are increasing, and we will continue to guide Utsumi's scissors in a straightforward manner, centering on the Tokyo metropolitan area to the Tohoku region, so that we can respond more flexibly to the growing needs of the salon industry. ..

OSAKA Factory

3-5-22, Higashinari Ku, Tokyo 111-0034, Japan




This is Tokyo Branch. From here we manage the East Japan area. In order to respond to the growing needs of the hairstyling industry and the increasing number of orders from well-known salons, our Tokyo office diligently supports our clients in the Capital-Tokyo area.

1-14-6, Kaminarimon, Taito Ku, Tokyo 111-0034, Japan


USA, Irvine

Utsumi America, INC.

In 1998, B.W. Boyd Shears, Inc was purchased by Utsumi America Inc. and started actively marketing activities of Japanese shears in the United States.  We also developed and marketed shears for the US market.  We participated in major conventions and trade shows, visited various trade schools, and conducted seminars,  introducing the Japanese shears and teaching how to do the maintenance of shears.  We also provided sharpening services at the US office by the employees who were trained in Japan.

18271 W. McDurmott, Suite K, Irvine CA 92614, USA

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